10 Day Meditation Challenge

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10 Day Meditation Challenge


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Start here to get instructions for the challenge as well as helpful tips to completing it successfully.


In this video I welcome you to the program and review the intention for creating this challenge and the goals I hope to see you achieve.

Redefining Meditation

In this video, I share my views on meditation and how we can approach it a little differently in order to give ourselves more flexibility and a better chance at continuing a practice over a longer period of time.

Key Principles for Success

In this video, I review the key principles that give you the best chance of successfully completing this challenge and creating a new daily routine.

The Instructions

In this video, I provide specific instructions for the challenge including picking a time for your practice, how to modify when life gets messy, and the 3 min meditation practice. This immediately shifts your mood, calms anxiety, reduces effects of stress, and provides a strong foundation for an ongoing daily practice.

The Practice

In this video I demonstrate the Vocal Vibration meditation practice that I am suggesting you use for this 10 Day Challenge. The practice itself is 5 mins in length with an extra 3 mins in the beginning to walk you through relaxing and preparing for the practice.

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